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Want to be Rich? Be a money lover.

People often call me moneylover. a big community learned to think that money loving is a hatefull thing. they often think that money lover is a person like draculla, Drinking the Human blood, money lovers has no feelings, they don’t like to help others, they only want to get money out of others pocket.
The truth is differ from this so called famous thinking. money lover is a person, who love money, love money making tricks, love to serve contry & all people over the world, love his freedom, freedom to do anything what he wants to do.
I have studied money lovers since past 9 years & I get money loving is a key of evolution.
Bill gates have a charitable organisation for health care, which avails medical equipments to those contries, who can’t have them. Waren buffet had donate the almost 70% wealth to Bill gates foundation.
Microsoft corporation made the use of computers easy & fun making, many companies like google, rediff & Yahoo gave their services almost free.
In the total history of human evalution, money lovers make history. Contribution of money lover is unique in making world better.
AT&T had made communication faster by their product “Telephone”, Harley-davidson & honda has a big role in personal travelling by their product “Motorcycle”. All the products we use are produced by companies of money lovers.
Now, If you are not a money lover, It is the time to change yourself. World is changing very faster, you have only two choices, either you be a money lover or a man with minimum affords. If you choose to be money lover, you have to follow simple steps and change your way of thinking.
First of all you have to respect every bit of money. Every single panny or every single cent has a great value. You work harder for every single panny, so you don’t give up them carelessly.
Second thing is that, every work has its value either in money or in any other type of remunaration, so pay and get paid for every work, it is not a matter of money, it is respect of your work and money.
Third thing is that, Don’t shy about money loving. Money is the only equipment to make you alive and make you freely help other to living their lives.
Four thing is, you have to learn make money not only earn money, you can earn money by your job or profession or whatever is your business, but it is only earning not money making.
If you really want to make money you have to get in stock market. I know it is not a safe place for new person, but you don’t born with guarranty papers of being alive and you still alive. I mean you can take help of any experienced people. I want to recommend you a website for taking help in making money in stock market.
you can log in to “www.cadrestock.com” for any help, free newsletter for understanding indian stock market or even if 15 days free trial of stock tips. It is a worldwide company for stock market. It have a strong team and great information sources for stock market.
Feel free to mail me for any assistance in money loving at my email address: denial_kp@rediffmail.com.

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