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A little story of few days back

This story goes back to my early twenties. A friend of mine came back from Nepal. At the time, many of my friends, were travelling to India and Nepal. He had brought some small stuff with him. Little buddhas, some gems and the odd piece of jewelery.

In this friend’s house, a youngster was hanging around. Suddenly the friend took out some bowls. They were made of human skulls. These were very nicely decorated with some gemstones. I believe it might have been lapis lazuli and turquoise embedded in silver. Personally, I firmly oppose the smuggling or trading in these holy relics. Let them stay in the culture they belong. Let them remain holy.

Anyway, when the friend took out the elbowpipe to show us, he was telling us something, I already knew. This was a pipe used in sacred ceremonies of the Tibetan religion. You could whistle on it. So, what happened? The youngster, a non-believer, took the elbowpipe and blew on it. A very deep and earie sound. Just a few seconds later, we heard loud knocking on the front door. We ALL heard it. The friend openend the door. A cold and particularly unpleasant breeze came into the room. This made me terribly upset.

Supertious? No way!

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