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A true Story Of a real Fighter

Biography Of Someone

All of us have heard the Prover–

I am Here telling you all a true Story of a Person who is a combination of DETERMINATION, FAR-SIGHTEDNESS, WILL POWER, AIM, and OBVIOUSLY HARD WORK AND DEDICATION. I suppose these adjectives are very less for him.

He was Born in a Poor Family in India. The scarcity of money made him unable to pay the Fees for the Schools or Colleges or Institutions he deserved.
He had to go to the company for Work right from his First Year.He used to work in the mid nights and then go to the college in the morning. In this way facing the riddles of life bravely and overcoming them boldly passed out his B.COM. He could not even complete his Masters from a regular University but completed his M.COM from an Open University.
A mere three Year College life, that too amidst the hunger and need for money makes him feel too much Sorry. Then Why wont he miss his college Life, where a Student has his real Life MASTI.

BUT FORTUNE Favours the mighty.
All these thing could not refrain his Prosperity. His undaunted Spirit, his high Ambitions made him overcome the Riddles of life and currently he is Working in a transcription company in Hyderabad. With a sound Knowledge in Foxpro programing and and wide Experience over Web Technology, He runs some Websites of His own and Plans to be a Web Designer and Own a company of his own.

Hats of to Such a person who Have already Reached a Hight in his life with a mere age of 25.

I suppose All of You will be interested to Know Who is this Guy and can Assure you that You will be really Surprised to Know him and obviosly will feel Proud to be associated with HIM…..


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