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It was around mid of Y2K, I mean Year 2000, that we came accross some of the glorious creation from a group of Bengale from Kolkata.

It was an album named Jatra Shuru from the Bengale Band BHOOMI.

The beautiful Song Tomar Dekha Naai re Tomar Dekha naai was in the lips of every young and adult at that time. When the Song Went on in the music Players, it seemed to rock us all.

A brilliant collection and accumulation of some of the veterans of many different instrument were tied together with the Bond of Bhoomi.

Apart from “Tomar dekha naai”, other Songs like Fotic, Dustu hawa, Modhur modhur Chauni all other songs just rocked all the concerts.

I Searched over the Net to find the Lyrics, But Had to Hear the Song repeatedly Just Now to Jot down The last few Lines of the Last Song.

From the core of the earth and the rythm of our hearts,
From the Winding river and its slow breeze,
In the shadow of your loves and the miles of smiles you give us,
You give us life-u give us birth
And when We return we lead you to the Woomb of the Earth

How is this and how is the poetry….

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