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Monica Bellucci

E-City Ventures promoted E-City Films Pvt. Ltd. (ECF) announced that it has acquired exclusive distribution rights for the movie SHOOT ‘EM UP in India across all territories. E-City Films has entered into a distribution tie-up with New Line Cinema for the distribution rights of the movie. With the movie scheduled for release on October 26th, E-City Films will be releasing SHOOT ‘EM UP in 200 prints. This over the top action thriller features superstars Clive Owen, Monica Bellucci and Paul Giamatti.

An excerpt from an interview with Monica Bellucci

How did Michael Davis explain his inspirations for the character?
Actually I didn’t know what was in his mind in the beginning about my character really, because she could have been Italian, French, American, everything. I think that he wanted to bring the emotion in the middle of all of this mess and violence and blood. He wanted the female character to bring just the emotion, because in the end it’s all about love.

Do you think that this role is a role that American actresses wouldn’t take?
I don’t know. When I received the script I thought the character was really, really strong. Okay, there is one sex scene in the movie of course, but there’s much more that you would imagine than what you really see. That’s why the scene is very sensual but nothing more than that.

What were the most difficult scenes to do in the movie SHOOT”EM UP? Well, for me the difficult scene I had to do was the love scene because it’s an action scene at the same time. We had to rehearse and make it looks sexy but it was dangerous.

How long did it take you to film that scene?
I think one day maybe.

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