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Q:- NAME the FIRST MAN to land in the MOON—-
A:- NEIL ARMSTRONG. Along with Ewin Aldrin

Is it True?
Did we really land in the moon..?
Did America really Land in the moon?
With the less Developed Science and technology, was it at all possible to land on the moon at that time???

Questions like this has always been haunting the people of the world and this was give KEROSENE when the Russian media published the report….MOON MISSION IS A HOAX–CONSPIRACY THEORY..

This report points out a no. of Evidences and unanswered questions which makes us feel that—there Might be something Controvertioal in the moon mission….

1. How can the American Flag Wave Rapidly in the Windless Environment of the Moon.
2. We can see that there are multiple directions of shadow of the Appollo-11 although there was only one light source(THE SUN).
3. Less developed technology at that Time.
4. Resemblance of AREA-51 with the Pictures taken from moon.
5. Although there must be a Huge explosion to move the Appolo-11, there was no Blast Crater…

Are not These some of the points Which Put us in QUESTION….

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