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Semestar Exams Shifted….for no reasons

Have you heard of that the semestar exams of an University getting postponed FOR NO REASONS.

Its true, I am studying in kolkata, West Bengal in an Engineering college which is under the University of WBUT.

This University controls All the Private Engineering colleges of West Bengal comprising of at least 30,000 students and much more…..

We were giving the exams in its due schedule, but suddenly yesterday, we heard that the last Exam that was supposed to be held on 11th of this month has been postponed to 18th of this Month. And as far as we the students, We do not know any real reason for this change.

A sudden change in the schedules left all of us in a miserable condition. We had been in a flow of giving exams but suddenly a gap put all our planning into real suspension.

A reason for this may be….there was some problem between students and the external guards in one of the colleges. But that was 3 days back and after that Incident we hav given one exam as well…Then why this problem.


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