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Do it now, tomorrow never comes

God has given us the fixed number of hours in a day. It is upto us how we use them. We should not postpone doing things. Do today’s itself. it would not be any easier later I will be glad tomorrow for what I did today. Kabir has rightly said that what needs to be done tomorrow, do it today, and what has to be done today, do it now. things will not wait till we are ready. If we are not on time, we trouble others and miss the opportunity. We should be punctual. A person, who is not on time and is punctual, is regarded as being dependable. Time lost can never be regained. We should postpone things waiting for the best time.

Time is the most valuable resource for every person because time lost can not be recovered. Time just goes on. We can not hold it back. Whatever is gone is gone forever. For saving time, we must have proper planning of work. we should thank God to enable us to use time properly and efficiently.

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3 Responses

  1. Service_to_all says:


    1. I fail to understand this statement of yours which I quote “A person, who is not on time and is punctual, is regarded as being dependable”.

    You seem to have combined a person not punctual and person on time, which does not convey any sense.

    2. You said “We should postpone things waiting for the best time”, this statement seems to convey exactly the opposite of the intent of the blog.


  2. Swathi says:

    Can you please make the blog a bit clear……………..
    Plz……I’m saying this because i want to know your real content………..

  3. SEHAJ says:

    Not good it seems to be like a nursery child had written this .

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