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Game Of The Year

Last year there were many games released. Last year some games did good business in market and some games fall on the ground. Some of the good games in 2007 were Call OF Duty4: Modern Warfare, Unreal Tournament 3, Need For Speed Pro Street, FIFA 2008, UEFA 2007, Gear Of Wars.

The most game I liked was Unreal Tournament 3. The game had good graphics and great gameplay. And most important it weapons were dam good and it have new characters entry. And some of the stages were so difficult to get out of there. And the main reason for this games is my best because we can play it multiplayer.

And in sports there were many games released like FIFA 2008, UEFA 2007, Tiger Woods 2008, NBA 2008. But in sports I liked UEFA 2008 because the player looks were real. And gameplay is great. And in this game you can control the ball of great deal. There are many bugs in the game but than also it is my best sport game.

The most awaited game of 2007 was Need For Speed Pro Street. All the racing lover gamers were waited for this game. When this game was released. The game showed the result it was the wrost game of the year 2007. And all the gamers were not happy with game because of poor gameplay. Need For Speed series were great till Pro Street and Pro Street was the wrost.

In opinion Unreal Tournament and Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare was the best game I played in 2007. In your opinion which was the best game in the year 2007. Please late me know which game did you liked in 2007.

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2 Responses

  1. Service_to_all says:


    It is because of such stupid war games that the younger generations are turnig to violence. The psychology is trained at an early age towards enmity, violence etc.

    It is high time there is also a censorship on games as well.


  2. lkjhgf says:

    I enjoyed the game of cricket 07 and hope to get cricket 08 soon.

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