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India Through To U-19 World Cup Final

New Zealand won the toss and selected to bat first. The opening partnership was not good for New Zealand. The first wicket fall on 7 and the Batsman was GH Worker. Then a small partnership was going to be build but it was broken again by India. And the batsman was out by Indian bowler Jadeja. And so on the match start being interesting and the New Zealand batsman start making some runs but India Captain made a change in bowling bring him self for bowl he took the wicket of New Zealand Captain Williamson. So on India thought that India can keep New Zealand under 150 run but the batsman named Corey J Anderson made India bowler work hard for the wickets and he made 70 odd runs in 68 balls hitting 6 fours and 4 sixer in the inning of his. he was the highest run getter in the match. And New Zealand made 205 in 50 overs. Indian bowler did good job in the bowling keeping New Zealand under 210 runs. And the pick off the bowler was Kohli the captain of India cricket Team he took 2 wicket for 27 runs.

After New Zealand batting it was India turn to bat and make 206 runs in 50 over with req. run rate of 4.11. India start was not good was it was with New Zealand. India lost there wicket on 24 and after that rain stopped the play. The match again started with D/L method India now needed to make 191 runs in 43 overs. India again lost the wicket of Srivastava on the 40 run on the scoreboard. Then came Indian Captain Virat Kohli he got a good partnership with the opener Batsman Goswami he made 51 runs of 76 balls and was out when India were on 124 runs. Then New Zealand took the wicket of Indian captain he made 43 runs of 53 balls be was out when India scored 150 runs then it was the story for Indian under 19 team made runs with 9 balls remaining. India won the match by 3 wickets. And after the match got over the Man Of the Match declared was Captain of India Team V kohli who took 2 wickets and 43 runs.

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4 Responses

  1. lkjhgf says:

    Hurrayyyyyyy India wins.

    Good to see from the Indian side that our young team is prepared.

  2. jmalhotra says:


    glad to see TEAM INDIA trying for the best

  3. Service_to_all says:


    I hope you will not mind my pointing and would take it in the right spirit, of some grammatical errors and the suggested way of presenting.

    1. “The first wicket fall on 7 and the Batsman was GH Worker”
    Suggested : The first wicket of G H Worker fell when the score was on 7
    2. “Then a small partnership was going to be build”
    Then a small partnership started to develop, which was broken by Jadeja”
    3. “And so on the match start being interesting and the New Zealand batsman start making some runs”
    The match when it started to become interesting and the Newzealand batsmen started making runs, the Indian captain brought himself on, into the bowling attack, and immediately took the wicket of New Zealand Captain Williamson.


  4. Service_to_all says:


    FUTURE TEAM INDIA or JUNIOR TEAM INDIA. However it is too early to say. Invariably the young shoulders become heavy, due to the head becoming heavy. They should be nurtured and ensure that too much of money and media attention is not showered, to keep their head in place so that their attention is focussed on improving the standard of the game.


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