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Nancy Part 2

As they approached the arched entrance gate, the girls heard band music and hastened their steps. It was Saturday afternoon, and the streets were crowded with cars while the walks were thronged with men, women and children in a gay holiday mood.

“Oh, isn’t that garden gorgeous?” Bess murmured a moent later, catching a glimpse of red, lavender and yellow flowers directly a head.

Neither Nancy nor George replied, for they had heard a soft pad-pad behind them, and had turned to see who was following so closely at their heels.

“Why, it’s a little dog!” Nancy exclaimed in delight. “Isn’t he cute?”

She did not need to coax the bull-terrier to come closer, for he trotted up to be petted. As the Drew girl stooped to pat his well-shaped head at her in friendly fashion and pawed her dress.

“What is you name , doggie?” she asked, pushing him from her. ” And where is your collar?”

“Evidently he has run away,” George declared. “Of course he’s not a stray. you can tell he’s a thoroughbred.”

The Story Will Be Continued…………………

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