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Nancy Part 4

She picked up a small stick and lightly touched the dog. He regraded her reproachfully but would not retreat.

“Oh, let him follow us if he likes,” Nancy urged. “He’s such a friendly little fellow, and we may run into his master somewhere in the park.”

“I wish we knew his name ,” Bess remarked. “We might call him Togo.”

Togo trotted along contentedly at Nancy’s heels, and presently the girls forgot about him as they paused to admire a fountain. Suddenly they were startled to hear a man shout angrily.”

“Say, get you dog out of that flower-bed.”

In horror, the girl whirled round to see Togo digging furiously foe a bone he thought was there. Plants and dirt were flying in every direction.

Nancy and her chums called sternly to the dog but he paid no heed. Finally George caught the mischievous little fellow in her arms and yanked him out of the bed. He had made several ugly holes in soft earth. broken flowers were scattered over grass.

“You have no right to bring a dog into park unless you keep him on a leash,” said a bystander to the girls. “The flower bed is now practically ruined.”

“He’s not our dog,” George replies, flushing deeply.

She put the squirming Togo down on the ground. As the three girls scurried away, conscious that many persons were regarding them with disapproval, the terrier fellowed them again.

“Oh, what shall we do with dog?” Bess moaned under her breath. “Everyone thinks he’s our pet.”

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    your story is getting interesting now…will look forward for the next part

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