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Nancy Part 6

Nancy and George cornered the animal, pulling him forcibly away from shore. They scolded him severely, but their words were only wasted. The mischievous terrier barked, frightened children by darting towards them, and cast a wistful eye at every flower-bed they passed.

Soon the girls felt that everyone in their vicinity was regrading them with disapproval. Over and over, they explained that Togo was not their dog; but with the little fellow following so worshipfully at their heels they could not expect to be believed. Several times Nancy and her chums tried to sneak away, but the alert Togo always found them again.

“Oh, let’s sit down on this bench and try to keep the scamp out of mischief for a minute or two,” Nancy sighed, indicating a seat which offered an excellent view of the lake.

“Is it safe, do you think?” Bess murmured. “The swans may come sailing along.”

“Oh, I”ll keep my hands on Togo every second,” Nancy declared. “If this dog were mine I”d get a good strong leash for him.”

“He may be your dog if the owner isn’t found,” George chuckled. “I can see where your work is cut out for you.”

“Oh, no,” Nancy corrected quickly, “if the owner doesn’t show up he’s your dog, george. you saw him first.”

“We”ll let Togo decide for himself,” George laughed. “of course he”ll choose you.”

Presently two women sat down on a bench near by. Nancy promptly tightened her hold upon Togo, for she could not tell what he might try to do. The newcomers were well dressed, and from their appearance and general conversation, Nancy gathered that the older of the two might be one of the speakers on the dedication programme.

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