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Usage Of Time

Make everybody count. Live everybody as if it were your last

Time can be gifted by those who never lose it. If we have time, we may not have it in our hands but we must value it and we should know its proper use. If we have to improve our time management, we should analyse our working or usage of time.

If we have start our journey, we should know the standing point of it. We should know how time is used between various activities in which we are frequently involved. We should have a sample week, representing usual working routine. Record of whole week should be kept properly. Entries should be made daily. At the end of the week, we should have a fair idea where each day actually goes. For recording the time, following activities may be considered:

1. Telephone Calls.(i) Incoming (ii) Outgoing
2. Correspondence.
3. Break for Tea & Lunch.
4. Conversation.
5. Meeting.
6. Record Keeping, etc.

At the end of the week, each activity should be analysed to find out the cause of inefficiency. For proper time management we should be disciplined, we may have to eliminate highly enjoyable things. We should be determined to face the resistance from colleagues and friends. It may be uncomfortable for us and for others but we should be committed to change. We should realize the price, which we have been paying for inefficient time management.

We should also identify the reason for poor time management. Our approach must be postive. We should not be too busy. We may be vary busy doing the work that is of no real value. We should have time to relax, recharge our batteries, and create new ideas, look after our physical and mental health. We should give ourselves sufficient time off from work so that we can do work more efficiently and effectively. The amount of time which individuals can regularly spend on different tasks vary from person. Some people need to take frequent short breaks, some have long concentration spans. Some people get tired quickly, some have enough mental and physical energy . We all need time to relax irresepective of our constitution.

We should know when to do what. A certain time of the day, we are at our best both psychologically and physically. Generally in the morning, we feel most alive and creative, while in the evening we are fit to sit infront of TV. Some of us feel vigorous and alert in the late afternoon.

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  1. deepaksharma says:

    Nice One Dinesh time usage must be there. Everyone should make there time table so that the importance of time can be used.

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