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Hybrid is an animal or plant that has parents of different species or varieties. Mule is a classic example which is hybrid of a male donkey and a female horse. So is tigon, a hybrid of tiger and lion.
But in a world of fantasy, if we were to get special powers to cross-breed things – both animate and inanimate – what might we do? I, for one, think of strange and funny possibilities, some of which I have enumerated below:
– Cross a hen with a hot spring to get an offspring that lays only boiled eggs. And then re-cross the offspring with a road-roller to get a chicken that lays omelets.
– Cross the currency notes with a chameleon to produce notes that turn black when one fails to pay taxes on it and red when paid as bribe.
– Cross a hyena with a parrot so that the talking young-one will tell us why the hell the hyenas laugh.
– Cross kitchen mixer with an earthquake to produce a mixer that continues to prepare the milk shake even when the power fails.
– Cross a fruit-bat with a park to produce a hanging garden.
– Cross a spider with a building site to produce a baby that can build web-sites on the internet.
– Cross a politician with a dog to get a breed of politico who always remains faithful and honest towards his constituents.
– Cross a car with an elephant to get a vehicle that has a large trunk.

So, dear Bloggers, can you cook up more hybrids by letting your imagination run wild? Do so and give me a line. I am waiting.

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