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Many of you must have experienced this: You stand at the bus stop awaiting a certain bus. You crane your neck each time a bus comes, to see if that is the one you want. It isn’t.This goes on till you feel that everyone around you is catching the bus. Except you, of coursre. How unfair!
Or you remember about a newspaper article of last week which you wanted to clip and save but forgot to. You search for the back issue in the stack. You find every other issue except the one you are looking for.
These are the happenings that make you wonder if an unknown hand is conspiring agaunst you. This feeling grows stronger when your weekly forecast of winning a lottery turns out a dud, while one predicting ill-health turns out true with a “Double Pnuemonia”
When you stand at the end of the shortest queue at the KSRTC counter, you find, to your dismay, that queues in front of other windows melt away in a jiffy, while your queue gets frozen in time and space!
You find that a banker forces a loan on you when you are loaded with moolah and the moment he suspects that you are insolvent, he wants his money back.
You on your part, if you are a depositor, suspect that the bank has gone bust, you want your money back. And when you are convinced by the bank that it has enough cash, you do not want it!!!!
Strange are the tricks of unknown hand!!!

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