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If you are a science purist, ignore this. If you are game for letting your imagination run wild and for thinking the unthinkable, be my guest and read on.
A hundred thousand earth years ago, on the planet Q on the constellation of Andromeda inhabited by intelligent life (let’s call them Q-man beings or q-mans for short), a catastrophe was brewing. Super powers of the planet Q were on the verge of a great war that would have ended in total annihilation. At the root of all the trouble were the greed, anger and ego of the Q-mans. Then the conflicting parties called a truce and decided to find out, in the laboratory conditions, how the destructive Q-man traits evolved so that they can invent a cure for the same. And they chose our own planet Earth to recreate the evolutionary phases.
They first introduced the Primordial Soup on the earth and ran the evolution on fast forward till the time when the present day humans evolved from apes. Then they let the humans evolve in normal time-frame. Ever since, they have been collecting data pertaining to the evolution of human behaviour with special focus on greed, anger and ego. They are still doing it.
By implication, the human species on earth are part of an elaborate experiment being conducted by the Q-mans. From time to time, they pick up humans at random and run tests on them.
Looking at what is happening on Earth, one can well imagine that the experiment is drawing to a close. For humans are at the same level of mental degradation as the Q-mans when they started their experiment.
On the Day of the Judgment, Q-mans will wind up their experiment by letting the humans annihilate life on earth. A few human samples may be taken back live to the Planet Q.
Could that spacecraft carrying the human samples be the ultimate ‘Noah’s Ark”?

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2 Responses

  1. jmalhotra says:


    that day is not far when we are going to have encounter with ALIENS…as predicted …but can’t say that it is going to give us the way to Noah’s ark

  2. Service_to_all says:


    That was a fine piece of imagination. That the result is predictable can be seen from the trends of human behavior.

    No alien is required to destroy this planet as some have misunderstood. We human are definitely planning and executing the the inevitable.


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