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ACT 1: 24th March, 2020AD, Wrestler’s Day Test Match.
The Indian cricket team led by Sunil Damle is playing their first test match against Australia led by Tricky Banging, It is more of a shouting match than a cricket match. Cricket is played only during the commercial breaks. But the soft mallet of Indians is no match for the Aussie’s ‘sledge” hammer. Things come to a head when the Indian tweaker Narmohan Zing allegedly calls the Aussie player Mathew Desmonds an alligator. Though Zing denies the alligator allegation, he is fined $1 Million.
ACT2: 25th March, 2020 AD.
All hell breaks loose. India, an Economic as well as Cricketing Superpower, does not hide its displeasure. Tricky Banging bangs his head against the wall after the cancellation of his soap endorsement contract with the Indian multinational ‘Rub & Froth Ltd.” The Australian Prime Minister Mr. Goodsy Sellers froths at the mouth. For, on the line is a $30 billion Indian mining contract to an Australian conglomerate. Cricketing mandarins and diplomats of both countries go into a huddle.
ACT3: 13th April, 2020 AD.
At the conclusion of the second Test Match, Tricky Banging is seen on the TV screen singing paeans to the Indian team. “I congratulite the Indian taim,” he says, ” for winning the sicund taiste maich by an innings and sivanty runs, We had a graite gaime.” Tricky’s mobile rings and he breaks into a broad smile as he hears about the restoration of his ‘Rub & Froth” endorsement contract.
At Canberra, PM Goodsy Sellers is seen dancing Bhangra with his mining minister Ms. Sandy Diggs.

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