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How much can one remember from one’s childhood between the age of 1 and 5? It varies from person to person. Again it depends on the intensity of the event.
During the first year of human life, a process called ‘myelination” occurs in the brain structure. This is a process where nerve fibres get insulations that prevent short-circuiting of electrical impulses. Therefore, a coherent memory from this period is virtually not possible.
My earliest recollections date back to a time when I was a year and half old. It was when my parents lived in a smaller house than the one they left after my father wanted to stay apart from the joint family. The one vision that is etched in my mind is of the dusty street that I saw through the multi-coloured window-panes, standing atop a chair. I remember the frightful fall I once had trying to climb on to the chair. In my hazy memory, I can see a girl in her late teens from our neighbourhood cuddling me and carrying me to her house singing some thing like ‘Jag maga tu……” and feeding me flavoured milk.
When I was about 4, a police inspector, a friend of my father, called at our house. The police gave me the creeps in those days and I quietly hid myself underneath a cot. The frightful memory still haunts me.
I distinctly remember the day (at the age of five) when I sat beside my elder brother acting myself as a ‘best man” of sorts while his Upanayanam ceremony was being conducted. And the applause that rose as the priest tied a turban around my head and gave me a ‘tika” on my forehead. And the song ‘Tain Tain Tain …..” (Oh, that child, that child, that child ………) my grand-aunt sang in chorus with her cohorts; a song that was created by her exclusively for me!
Dear e-bloggers, what can you recall from your childhood (between the age of 1 and 5)? Please post it on e-blogs and give me a line.

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  1. jmalhotra says:


    ok will try to post something interesting on the past life of the age mentioned by you..as a child ..whatever is kept in store in my mind will be happy to share that dear

  2. lkjhgf says:

    I was not the child that normally are in age 1-5 days, instead being mischievious this age I was very calm those days, never asked my father to buy any toys for me, never had a fight with anyone.

    I would like to go back to those days n enjoy the childhood which i missed out.

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