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Have you ever had toothache, particularly one caused by Apical Abscess? Or a renal colic caused by kidney stones? Or one caused by appendicitis? If you did, you would certainly know the kind of ordeal that you pass through. You would cringe, writhe or roll around unable to bear the pain while cursing your stars and wishing the world were free from all kinds of pain.
Bit you can’t wish away the pain caused by some disease. For, if your wish were to be granted by God, your chances of survival on this earth could be seriously jeopardised. Confused? Then read on.
Look at the phenomenon of pain from a different angle. If a person were to suddenly go down with, say, a heart attack or an appendicitis and if you were to feel no pain at all, he would never know that he has a life-threatening malady and therefore seek no medical help. The result of such a situation could be catastrophic and probably fatal. By implication pain is body’s AWACS- an early warning system bequeathed by Nature during evolution as a hedge against extinction.
It is also true that severe and intractable pain, as in cancer, makes life hell and needs alleviation. But then it is due to the Nature’s protective mechanism gone wrong and price that humans pay for survival.

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