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Pitfalls of Modern Medicine

modern Medicine (which people call Allopathy) has done wonders to the human race. While the average life expectancy has grown remarkably across the globe, many communicable diseases have been vanquished. And, yet, the Modern Medicine is still inherently flawed,
For one thing, many of the ‘wonder drugs” have unpredictable side-effects on its users. The reason for this is the varied genetic composition that interacts differently with a given chemical compound. Though there are no well documented studies on the ill-effects of drugs, it is no more a secret that lakhs die every year solely due to drug toxicity-a case of treatment being worse than the disease!
The answer to this problem lies in the application the genetics. A day will come when every human being’s genes get mapped and encrypted on a smart identity card. The chemist simply feeds your card to a computer and out comes the name of a tailor-made variant of the drug, say, paracetamol A43Gt, and you get a 100% safe treatment

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  1. nolimits says:

    ya absolutely true said. side effects has really caused the made the health worst then normal,n we have few options only.
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