In an arranged marriage, it is customary for the “boy” to come visiting to see the “girl”. In such a situation, if the girl’s sister is better looking than the “girl”, she is hidden from the “boy’s” field of vision for you know why. On the other hand, if one of the girl’s siblings is, say, mentally challenged, then a similar recourse is taken. How does the former differ from the latter?

In the former instance, though the parents are proud of their “other” daughter, they are prejudiced against her presence. In the latter case, there is lack of pride in addition to the presence of prejudice.

What makes others, especially your immediate family, take pride in you or otherwise? It could be related to the kind of wealth and the social status you have achieved. Or talent/skill of some kind that gave you name and fame. Or your political clout. If you have none of these, it is very likely that you will be relegated to the fringes. How often have seen in the movies the big shot son introducing his poor rustic father as a servant to his friends. Such things do happen in real life but in a more subtle way.

The hallmark of this phenomenon is that the prejudice against you is contagious. Like ripples in a pond, it spreads from your immediate circle to the society in general. Your social standing begins at only one place- YOUR HOME.

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