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I am new here in this platform with the willingness to communicate my thoughts, views, ideas, experiences etc. and to interact with other bloggers here. I am from Assam, the exotic natural beauty of which part is no doubt worthy to be mentioned. Assam is known as a land of myth and mystery. But beyond that it is not only a land of myths and mystery, rather it is a land of enormous beauty. ‘It is the land of legend, of the red river and the blue hill, of the stars and the planets, the light of the east” — as said. Assam has a unique landscape with sprawling tea gardens, dense forest and rich forest resources. Assam lies at the centre of world’s richest biodiversity area exceptionally rich in the blending of rarest flora and fauna.
This narration about Assam I have also narrated somewhere else and is not an exaggeration. So, my friends I am here amongst you to share thoughts, ideas and experiences and hope to get your co-operation, suggestion, appreciation, comments as and when required. So friends I am coming up with my writings for your appreciation.

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  1. admin says:

    Welcome to eBlogs!

  2. MOKSHA says:

    nice to know about Assam ….I have never been there but will vist surely….the land of myth & mystery……well please put some more posts & do visit my pots too….by all the best in eblogs……

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