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We live in DEEDS not in YEARS. A life can be measured EITHER in the scale of time i.e. the span of years he survived OR in the scale of the works he rendered towards the society i.e. his deeds. If we are here to eat and drink and merry-making, what is the value of this kind of life ! These kinds of people are the disciples of the Saint Charbak. India recognized him as a saint for his philosophy within the limitation of the society. His theory has the reference only, but few are there to follow him. These people think a life of prosperity is the actual life. They think that they should get everything for life and whenever they get all these as they dream of they think themselves the luckiest person.

But life is not for merrymaking. Life is for work. Work is worship. So a life devoid of work is not a life at all. A life should be measured with the scale of deeds, not with the scale how long he was in this world. There are many who lived long but they are not known. We can work for the betterment of the mankind, to make the earth worth living and that will give us satisfaction.

India, our motherland, is the land of philosophers, the land of idealism. Many sages, saints, heroes, statesman born here and set examples of work, worship and sacrifice. Just think of ‘Dadhichi”, who sacrificed his life with smiles and without hesitation for the benefit of the society to destroy the negative forces. What equivalent scale of measure can we produce to measure this sacrifice? Is there any such example of self-sacrifice in this world except India? Here once people sacrificed their lives smilingly for the cause of the Nation. How can we forget that? The unbearable activities of some great (!!) people of our time is not the scale to measure the ideal of this country. We are ashamed of their activities . We have no support for them is also clear. They are the negative forces vitiating the entire environment. ANOTHER DADHICHI IS OUR PRAYER NOW.

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  1. Service_to_all says:

    Selfishness have taken over the society. Even today there are quite a few who are doing wonderful selfless service society, sacrificing there lives for the betterment of the society. However people have become blind to sacrifices and selfless services rendered by many. The screen of selfishness has become very powerful.


  2. nolimits says:

    great collection of blogs thanks 4 ur cmts.
    thats what finding tum 🙂

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