Those were the days — the days of joy and enthusiasm. I remember those days when we felt enormous joy to go out to play and spread different types of colours likes “Abir” and collecting some plant seeds to prepare red colour mixing with water. We used sprayers made of bamboos. Even a few years back there was no dearth. But days are changed so rapidly and so fast that it has become very much difficult to accept and bear these changes.

I find the youths of present time are interested not in fair game rather they mostly indulge in some other kind of play. They did not think for a while to use the colours harmful for skins when it come in contact with the skin. They get joy from using drinks or some kind of chemical compound to gain physical pleasure. Even some girls and women are also not behind.

To day I am the unlucky chap perhaps like some other like minded friends to face a group of about twenty females between eighteen to thirty-five years age group who were drunk and came out to play holi. They painted(?) us, which though rubbed with soaps several times did not show the sign to leave me for some days. Though I was angry enough I could do nothing. I suppressed my anger and surrendered to avoid some unpleasant scene from creation understanding well that the colour will colour me for some days with bitter feelings in my mind making to hate this day of colour.

When the mind itself is not coloured with joy and faith and positive outlook to survive a life of hope and joy and improvement , what is the use of colouring the body outside, spending a lot of money in purchasing different colours which includes harmful chemical compounds. It now adds to increase the sufferings further.

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  1. jmalhotra says:


    should come from the heart and not by just coloring the faces of each other with no feeling of love or happiness…..it should be spontaneous rather than being artificial and showing off

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