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The present scenario in the area of cricket is so gloomy that it has lost its dignity of being gentleman’s game.

The ICC comprise of mainly the cricket club of South Africa, Australia and England. So, they always take the step-motherly attitude towards Asian Countries like , India , Pakistan and Srilanka . They always behave very badly with the players of these countries which clearly discloses their inherent attitude of being racist.
The BCCI , became a spineless organization with the skin of Rhinos. All the insults so far had no effect on them. The fury of the Indians all over India ultimately compelled them to feel the situation.

I feel the similar condition is with cricket Board of Pakistan and Srilanka.

I suggest that BCCI should come forward and in collaboration with Pakistan’s and Srilanka’s Cricket Board to form a parallel International Cricket Board to give a befitting answer to the arrogant whites and that to the attitude of ICC. It is sure that without India , Pakistan and Srilanka ICC will be nowhere. Will BCCI be able to show their guts and courage or they will run after to earn money only like shameless persons?

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