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Do you think that in this present set up the politicians or the people in administration will change? Or do you think that with the end of present old groups and the inflow of the new ones will change the political scenario? I don’t think so.

A few days ago we had come through some heart-breaking news of brain washing from the very minor stage of a particular community kids when they are required to be taught about the morality of life and to grow them up with high ideals of love towards all.

Are we behind in this race? No. There is a bit difference though, we are not behind in this race. We are very tactfully allowing some of our kids not to learn to use guns or to nurture hatred toward others but we are doing something dangerous than that by teaching them wrong history about our martyrs who sacrificed their lives for this country. Please hear the orkut boy who has spread the message, —

“Shame on this government!!! Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev have been referred as terrorists in an ICSE 6th standard class in social science subject text book at page number 64 & 65 in Mumbai…. Get up friends… pass this message like fire…. Protest against this… Jai Hind…”

It is far more dangerous than gun. It is going to destroy the entire culture very slowly. And one day all of a sudden we shall find that we had nothing left to boast of. We shall be compelled to think that we had no culture of our own, we had to borrow culture from others to enrich ourselves.

Further the same is not only a Mumbai concern but wherever the syllabi and books prescribed by ICSE are also teaching the same.

I request all of my blogger friends at Mumbai and other places where the ICSE syllabi and books are followed, to look into the matter and to create public opinion against this unethical endeavour.

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2 Responses

  1. Service_to_all says:

    Hello sir,

    This deliberate attempt to destroy history has been going on since independence. Some prominent leaders from those times have been projecting a very pathetic form of history, in the name of secularism, which ought to described as only pseudo-secularism.


  2. jmalhotra says:


    nobody can stop the vary aspect of it ..as politicians are going from bad to worse these days…no one can stop them either…

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