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Do you think that we the Indians are racist ?
If that is so , different people who migrated here in India would have either destroyed or converted. But sorry there was no particular religion to convert others to abolish their identity. But alas! we are converted in many ways by the outsiders in different beliefs . But still we accepted all these because we believed and still believe all sects, all religions, all rituals lead us to the Almighty, all in this world is “Amritasya putra”. So there can be no difference.
So, whoever came here could not leave the land, many of them stayed here for ever. All these could happen because of the high thoughts, no narrow feelings for others.
Here different opinions, different thoughts , different philosophical thoughts flourished as there was no hatred and there was great tolerance and respect to other thoughts or principles. And so, see, thousands of philosophical thoughts and religious faiths and ideas originated here and all got wide support and respect. Here is the unity in diversity. We accepted diversity, we honoured diversity, we respected diversity, — because we believe “Jahan jahan netra pare tahan tahan Krishna sphureh” .
Thus , we were never racist, we are not racist.
What about Australia? Where are the aborigines of that land? What happened to them? And in many countries the aborigines are either totally cleansed by converting them to the faith of the invaders or totally abolished by destroying the opponents.
But our ancestors never resorted to such hateful inhuman activities.
So, history is here to speak the truth, the Indians are never RACIST.

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    i had been through your post.

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