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We have heard that cricket is gentleman’s game. But the present deplorable conduct of some of the Aussies have changed the entire notion. They proved that the Cricket is the game of cheaters. The Aussies have finished the dignity of the Cricket.
The false allegation against Bhajji has caused fury in India . We want the BCCI to take stern attitude against the joint activities of the Aussie Cricketers and the incompetent umpires.
Is Cricket now gentleman’s game?
The arrogant Ponting and his pack of hounds hunted the Indians with the help of the incompetent umpires.
The ICC comprise whites . And how we the blacks from India can expect justice from those racist. The BCCI, the spineless BCCI must get up from sloth and take stern attitude towards the injustice and insults. The BCCI should stop playing further with Aussies and get the Team India back home.
Let the BCCI show their guts in this crucial moment to upheld the prestige of the country.


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