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The power is within their grip. The muscle power, the money power — what not ??!! So, how can we expect that the truth behind all injustices or wrong doings will be unearthed at the end. The yellow journalism will also prevent the truth to be focused. The guilty will be covered. The innocent will be punished. The honest investigating officer will be threatened or transferred or purchased or totally wiped out to manipulate the investigation report. We had had the news of suicide or some kind of death of some investigating officers while a investigation was in full swing.

We have already lost our faith on the police force of our country because of their puppetry dance in the hands of the politicians or the powerful one. Still we have not lost our faith on the executives — with the hope that they were there on the chair to make these erring people right. But what is astonishing is that these people are also now puppets in the hand of the politicians or some big brothers. We have also lost the faith on them.

Now our suspicious eye is towards judiciary. We judge many verdicts on our own and become suspicious about the honesty of that particular judge. Many incidents of involvement of some judges in bribery also made us suspicious — and confirmed our suspicion.

I have forgotten now, but remember this much that one Minister or MLA of West Bengal was once inflicted with the punishment of contempt of court for openly alleging the honesty of the judges. But you see the irony of time — a few years after the Supreme Court had to take action against some judges for their dishonesty. What signal all these are transmitting to the people of this country and the world community ??!!

Now, the great question is how shall we survive peacefully like a perfect person under the pressure of all these suspicions and disbelief ??

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2 Responses

  1. Service_to_all says:

    Dear Mr. Dasgupta,

    We can all be complaining about corruption amongst the various control agencies. But the root cause to all these corrupt acts will have to be tackled.

    The root to all the problem are the so-called leaders who are given a status of MPs and MLAs, chief Ministers, Prime Ministers. How many desreve to be in a postiion of such leadership. Almost none.

    Who is responsible. We the people and the socalled pseudo-democracy.


  2. mysteriousdoc says:

    the answer is there in “GITA”. corruption,buglery and mishappening was always there… there can never be another ramrajya. and i do not expect it too.. people have to learn living and fighting against these things.

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