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Hatred and violence have their own consequence of ultimate destruction. And if not checked it will lead the entire world to its primitive stage. Hatred and violence are spreading from one part to another of the entire world. Hatred is nurtured in many forms, — racial, ethnic, religious and so on. And this hatred incubates violence which on some plea spreads its claw in the society giving rise to unrest and even mass destruction. Fear of suppression by the privileged group creates fear and fear creates mistrust and mistrust creates hate and this hate ultimately gets it’s outlet through violence. The harassment, intimidation, assault towards sexual minority gives birth to hatred.

There are many factors shaping the hatred in the society. Thus family has its strong influence on the attitudes of people and where there is a culture of tolerance in a family the younger generation from that society can never become a prey to the acts by bigotry. Media also sometimes help in spreading hatred and violence. In some cases they need to be very much cautious about their language when publishing a news of great importance. They must mind their language such that, – not a single word used would hurt the sentiment and give rise to violence. The most disturbing factors in this case are the political leaders, who fan the flames of bigotry , the hatred , the fear, the ignorance, the atrocities from some corner for their personal benefit and interest alias for the benefit of the party concern.

Human violence is a phenomenon of a few centuries. The philosophers of our country in the remote past felt it, realized it and so they did never give stress upon any religious faith, rather the way of life. Perhaps it is the reason which have been encouraging the growth and development of different sects and schools of religious belief here in Indian soil encircling around this way of life.

It does not matter of what faith you adhere to , but it matters what way of life you are adopting. And the way of life that binds the society and the people together is the real ‘dharma” i.e. religion.

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