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Today is the international woman’s day. What is the importance of this day here in India. I don’t find any relevance in the life of Indian woman. I don’t think that woman’s day means to follow the western culture and to do everything being shameless.

Woman’s day to me is like a gala day to find each and every woman of my motherland first and that of the whole world next as courageous and able to face and fight all odds.

I like to see all woman in their motherly attitude . I don’t like to find them as kinnaras or apsaras or as rambha or urvashi. Their development means the development of the country. The woman of this land has given birth to great sages, great philosophers, great scholars and nourished them to become great and the worthy son or daughter of the country. So, her role as a mother is most important for the development of the country and the nation. And I find the importance of this woman day here .

We here in India worshipped woman deities and still worship, and with the inflow of western culture and the over enthusiasm of some woman of our country to discard our own moderate culture and the acceptance of the uncivilized shameless culture of go as you like defying our own culture has given rise to greed on the part of some brutes who dared to attack the modesty of the woman.

Today is also a special day for me, as today is my Birth day. My daughter asked me why I had come on this woman’s day. I replied woman’s day followed me because I love my mother, I accept and respect my wife’s right and overall I love my dear daughter with the expectation that she will rise in her life like any male children.

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