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Busting for Kidney racket and the main involver being the Indian Doctor and the report that some politicians and some executives are entangled is a matter of shame for us. This incident is an eye opener about the progress we are making. Yes, how nice!! We are on the way of progress!! We should be ashamed of that character which has murdered the original character of ideal Indian. We should also be ashamed of or we should cry out of total dejection or we should kick them out having seen the persons to whom we vest our security and protection are now found to be playing with our life. Shouldn’t we ??!!

“Manuhe manuhak panya kare”–Have you not heard the renowned singer Mr. Bhupen Hazarika from Assam to sing this song ? He is not a visionary. He emotionally felt this decades ago. But perhaps he pointed out towards human exploitation only. Perhaps he could not even thought of this kind of exploitation of the human flesh mongers, his love towards humanity did not even allow him to think that man will be demoralized in this way.

“Manuhe manuhak panya kare”– Man uses man as a commodity i.e. man exploits man for his own benefit and gain. The Doctor — whom we the general mass of people view as the incarnation of God and trust to be our saviour , the high profile politicians whom we elect are the legislators with the faith and belief to enact law for the development and the improvement of the people, the executives are paid from the public money to implement those laws — are now treacherous. The nexus of these trio is focusing a signal of rotten part of the administrative sector of this ill-fated country. The Passport Authority , the Police are also in the suspicion list.

The Bengali news paper in the North-East , “Dainik Jugasankha” , in its issue of the 8th February, 2008, flashed the news in the front page about the involvement of two ex-Prime Ministers and two ex-Chief Ministers in the racket are also in the record of the investigating team, but they did not mention any name.

What more !!!

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  1. jmalhotra says:


    greed for money has no end and leads to such gruesome crimes taking the lives of innocent people

  2. Service_to_all says:

    Dear Mr S K Dasgupta,

    As long as greed is the master of the mind, the world will always be like a graveyard.


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