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hello everyone,

i am new to writing blogs so i hope everyone will help me improve in it.

my screen name might sound a bit different but there is a reason behind choosing such a name. the reason is that i registered my name yesterday and yesterday is SRIPANCHAMI – birthday of goddess saraswathi. This name hamsavahini is another name of that goddess.

so i am intending to write my first blog on speech because goddess saraswathi is known as Vagdevi which means goddess of speech.

i like reading books (novels), collecting coins of different nations , playing badminton, computer games etc…etc…

so you can expect some moral stories too in my blog. I will try not to put the common stories in my blog.

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  2. rohanrs says:

    Hi buddy welcome to eblogs and the name you choosed is really good….tc

  3. admin says:

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