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Outwitting Fate – Part IV

In the last part, the young Brahmin left his guru to go to Himalayas…..

With guru’s permission, he left the forest hut and his guru’s family, and journeyed towards the Himalayas. He visited many towns and learned men, lived with and learned from many sages. He wandered for twenty years, examining the world, understanding human nature, pondering the ways of providence. Then he decided to return to his guru’s place on the banks of the river where he had begun his studies.

But when he got there, he found that his guru had died and so had his wife. His heart heavy with sorrow over their passing, he went to the nearest town in search of his guru’s children. After a while he found a coolie with a single buffalo. He at once recognized his guru’s son in this poor man. What Brahma’s pen had written had come to pass. The disciple’s heart grew heavier. He followed the poor man to his hut, where he had a family, a wife and two ill-fed children. There was a sack of rice in his house and no more. Each day the family took out a little of it and cooked it. When the sack was empty, with his coolie’s savings he was able to get one more sack, that’s all. That’s how they lived, just as the stylus of Brahma had written.

The disciple started a conversation with the sage’s son by calling him by name. The coolie was astonished to hear his name from a stranger. The disciple introduced himself and begged him to follow his advice. The disciple said ‘son, please do as I say. As soon as you wake up tomorrow, take your buffalo and the sack of rice and sell them in the market for what ever price they will fetch. Don’t think twice about it. Buy whatever you need for a great dinner for you and your family, and finish it all by tomorrow evening. Leave not even a mouthful for the next day. Reserve nothing. With the rest of the money, feed the poor and give gifts to the best Brahmins in the town. You will never regret it. I’m your father’s disciple and I am telling you this for your own welfare. Trust me.”

But the coolie couldn’t believe him. ‘What will I do to feed four mouths in this house if I sell it all tomorrow?” he cried. ‘You Brahmins have always advised the poor to give it all to the Brahmins. It’s all very well for you. You are at the receiving end.” But the wife who overheard the conversation intervened. She said, ‘this gentleman looks like a wise man, just like your father who was his guru. He must know something we don’t. Lets follow his advice for one day and see.”

The coolie’s doubts broke down when she also supported the holy man. The next day……………..

To be contd……

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