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The Power Of Speech

Speech is the very powerful tool we have as human beings. No other
creature or being has the power of such highly developed
speech. It has the power to convince others, power to cause conflicts, power to comfort other and much more. I would like to ask everyone whether such power is utilized rightly or correctly.

We come across many people in society who are talkative. It is always wise not to initiate talk which is not conducive to our betterment, or any noble purpose.

Through speech we can build individuals and the world. We can praise, encourage, and give others confidence. By making others feel important, we build them up, as if to say, “Your existence is necessary.” This is life-giving and life-affirming. Sometimes we forget to show our appreciation to the ones we love, but believe me, if you take a moment to say thanks or just give a random compliment, it can make that person very happy.

On the other hand, speech can also be used to destroy. Words like “you”re worthless” wipes out a person’s self-esteem. But it should also be noticed that just as speech can cause harm, it can effect great good. . Criticizing others, using abusive words, indulging in idle or wicked talk, uttering words that offend and hurt others, busying oneself in self praise – all these mean sheer waste of our power of speech. Persons endowed with a sense of discrimination, should abandon this with conscious effort.

If you can restrain yourself even once from saying something harsh to someone, that’s a really good thing. If you can use it to cheer someone up, or to help resolve a conflict, that’s also very praiseworthy.

Whatever I have written here is very less about speech but if I can at least put a
few points forward then I will feel that I have succeeded in writing a blog about
something useful.

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  1. hamsavahini says:

    i have just read your blog on the power of thinking, its good. thanks for your comment without which i would not have read your blog.

  2. Service_to_all says:


    Please read my blog “Power Of Thinking – Sixth Sense”. The 2 blogs are Complimentary blogs and would definitely be nice if read together.


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