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How the Uttar Pradesh Government Worked

How the Uttar Pradesh Government Worked ?
I mean the Govt of uttar pradesh rules as like the Revenge.I see for last fifteen years.one govt rules.the second party means opposite party blames to the Govt that Govt will not do work in favor of state. and also comment about the police department.
also blame that the member of that party means member of opposite party is not saved .during this if the central Govt see the worked of Govt.the central Govt gives own statement.among all these events running Govt find the chance for blaming to the other party. the Govt worked like revenge and arrest some leader of the opposite party.
all these type of worked takes a lot of time and in last the time passed of that Govt, and time declared for election by the election commission. before the declaration of election date all the party goes in favor of public and gives all greedy statement.among all these if the previous Govt failed to make Govt.and the other party successful to make the Govt.then after the taking oath of that party first he serve to control power means Police Department some people also says very burst departement(Ploce department) .after this the Govt. cancel some worked done by previous Govt.continue…………………

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2 Responses

  1. Service_to_all says:

    You are also complaining. So In what way are the politicians worse off.


  2. jaivir.knp says:

    Read carefully,I am not blame to anyother .it’s happining.


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