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Notes On Dowry System

As we all read in news paper and see on news channel,that she hang till death,
she warned herself or her husband says to bring the money from her father,if
she not then beat him for this etc……..
What is This?
I can not understand becauze everyone says that dowry system should be
finished.when all people say for finishing of dowry system,then why such type
of events should be happen.as i think that people only say,not use mind on it.
If everyone think with cool mind,what is the result of after happining of such events.
it is sure,the events would be less.as my opinion every men knows about the
result.but when the person want to get without hard work some extra from his necessary things.
now from here he starts to thought about this and during this he forget
relation between them.and always thought about only money.

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