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There are mainly three type of polution.
1.Air Pollution.
2.Water Polution.
3.Sound (Noise) Polution.
In Sound Pollution the peoples are more effective because if they not want to
listen anyother and also busy in his work(Thinking type work).in this
environment the person is much disturb and he can not do his work.for example
if a person travells by miny bus or tempo.he can not do his work due to
talking among other Person so in briefly there can give another name to Sound
Pollution that is Talk Pollution.Now I hope,you can understan what we want to
say, not to laugh very big sound(Ha Ha Ha……………).not speech
nonsenceful statement.You will be good when our sociaty is good.and also we
control to Sound Pollution.

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4 Responses

  1. Service_to_all says:

    Laughing of course cannot be categorised as Noise pollution. I hope you realise that noise pollution comes only when the decibel level is beyond a certain acceptable limit. Iam sure laughing will never cross that limit.

    Even hypothetically if at any point laughing crosses that limit, which any way will never be, and causes hindrance to others, it will also be considered to be a noise polution.


  2. kishore.iitk says:

    Hi Dear,

    I am pleased to say that this post is very useful for us!!!!!
    but your post is not in a fine style (writing a post), and there are some meaning less words please you should have to care with this type of mistake ,so every one can able to understand your thoughts or your post.
    Best of luck my dear …………………………..


  3. kishore.iitk says:

    Hello Mr. jaivir
    i am not agree with ur thoughts regrading sound pollution bcoz as i know laughing is good for health.

  4. jaivir.knp says:

    If your health becomes good through the loudly laughing in miny bus or tempo,then you laugh with cry and make very good health.so everyone can well understand to you.


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