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Do You Know about Share Trading Market.
Now i am going to telling about the Share trading market.
If you are interested in share trading market.first you should have the knowledge about this .if you have no deep knowledge you can loss his money.so you can start to starting with the Systematic Investment Plan(SIP).The Systematic Investment Plan gives you some knowledge and you not loss your money.during this you should see the market of share trading.once when you understand the market of share trading and having knowledge now you have should start to Mutual Fund.after this you are mentally prepared and also you can thought about share trading market.
the company determined a fixed price for the stock issue. The issue was marketed to the general public through agent and brokers.
now th company applies the book building process . That means there is no fixed price for the share.Instead, the company issuing the shares comes up with a price band. The lowest price is referred to as the floor and the highest, the cap.Bids are then invited for the shares. Each investor states how many shares he wants and what he is willing to pay for those shares (depending on the price band).
The actual price is then discovered based on these bids.

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