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What is Magnetic Seizure Therapy

What is Magnetic Seizure Therapy.
This therapy is used in the treatement of depression.
it is basically a magnetic version of electroconvulsive therapy.the magnetic seizure therapy induces a high frequency curren
t in a small portion of brain untill it sparks a siezure.The magnetic seizure thrapy could
be more effective than other brain stimulation techniques.but in this thrapy
it is requires daily anesthesia and careful medical monitering for a period of
weeks .in the transcranial direct current stimulation,a device drives a small
direct current through the front part of a patients brain.this stimulation is
done only for minutes a day over a period of weeks.and there is also Vagus Nerve Stimulation,in this a pulse generator implanted in a patients chest send electric pulses to the vagus nerve.

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