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Anger is an emotion which is the outbreak of your dissatisfaction and resentment on a certain issue or subject. At times it works as a medicine for the person who is on the receiving side but not always.

Anger is not a mistake provided it leads to constructive criticism. But if anger is for a destructive motive or is going to give you and the other person a negative result better avoid it.

Anger kills your mind body and soul. It is like a wild fire and takes away everything once it is carried on and on for the times together. Best option is to overcome it as it will give positive vibes in and around you.

One can only understand whether anger is a n action of resentment or bliss, if one understands the reason before showing the outburst of the given situation.

Anger can be AN OUTBRIGHT ENEMY as it leads to massive heart failures if shown on a higher intensity and the results are fatal. Why to opt for such a dangerous act when the things can be settled with a cool and calm composure of the situation.

A friend can be forgiven for showing the anger or forget him as friends are there to enlighten the way. Therefore, to show them the right way it is better to forgive and forget.

But still the choice lies in your hands whether to FORGIVE OR FORGET.

Shakespeare said “To err is human”, therefore, one should always remember that man is not God, thus, tends to commit mistakes and learns from experience.


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