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Beautiful Lara Dutta had a date with a Ghost!

Beautiful Lara Dutta had a date with a Ghost!

We all know that Bollywood stars always wanted to be in limelight to remain in news. In past, there have associated themselves with phony affair but what went with Lara Dutta was unimaginable. The beautiful actress who recently had success in David Dhawan’s PARTNER met with strange incident when there were reports of “ghost” in her shooting site. It all happened in Ooty where she was shooting with Govinda for Ravi Chopra’s BANDA YEH BINDAAS HAI. According to trade grapevine, it all happened in a palace where shooting was undergoing and she felt some strange images and incidents happening all over there. What was reported was quite “filmy” as it was correlated as—fan in Lara’s room began moving, doors with rusty hinges began opening and shutting with a creaky sound, lights began to blinker. Finally, Lara’s make-up girl suddenly caught high fever and the whole unit was perturbed with the incident. After her break-up with boyfriend Kelly Dorjee, she had first significant date and that too with a ghost!!!

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  1. Service_to_all says:


    We have seen and heard several bizarre stories, especially before the release of any new movie.

    This is one of the promotional strategies adopted by many, especially in the film industry. The fact or for that matter anybody who start talking about the so called incident, the purpose of the strategy is served for the producers or the propagators of such flashy news.


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