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What is confidence?
When you are capable of expressing your thoughts freely and effectively is confidence. It comes when you know your value. But at times some of us tend to do a little amount of work and waste lot of time as they do not have courage to face the failures and lack confidence.

Lack of confidence spoils their work as they think more and more about the negative results of their work and are not able to reach their targets or goals set by them. Thus they spoil their work and time, so it is always better to maintain the flow of your work and have confidence in yourself and leave rest to the DESTINY for the results.

Know your value and be with it to achieve the goals of life successfully and effectively. It will definitely enlighten your ROAD TO SUCCESS IN LIFE. Never loose heart and think negative about any work that you are involved into.

All great men worked selflessly for the welfare of mankind…..and the entire mankind is primarily composed of common people like us.

Were they confident enough to do the same?

I believe no, it is the flow and energy of doing something for the betterment of the society irrespective of the consequences that makes them GREAT MEN OF THE ERA. They have performed their duties and work with utmost confidence and courage for the well being of the MANKIND.

Each of us should always try to go beyond our capacity and devote our self to our tasks religiously. It will make your work beautiful and keep your mind peaceful as you are sure of what you are doing.

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2 Responses

  1. abhirup20002 says:

    good said………..

  2. madhu_vamsi says:

    Confidence sometimes comes when u have command on the subject u know. If u don’t know the subject what is the point of expressing freely. Thanks for sharing those lovely tips…

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