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Don’t fear obstacles but face them!

God sees the truth but waits and sees our faults as well as our high merits and keenly accepts us for what we are. In sacred Bhagvad Gita, Lord Krishna preaches humanity, “Even the worst of sinners can, with the raft of wisdom, cross safely over the ocean of delusion”. God, the supreme powers who have created scholars, masters and saints can take you as his son even after knowing your sins and wrong-doings. In hot pursuit of becoming good human being, don’t feel discouraged even if you are facing obstacles and hindrances. Does not let negativity enter you in thoughts like “I am bad” or “I have failed” as it these thoughts will make you loser for a lifetime. Do have a feeling that “I have not succeeded but now I will win”, will surely be putting you on right path to success. Your faith in God Almighty is crucial to your success because faith in the divine is unconditional. God sees all our faults and virtues and accepts us with open arms, so pray to him to release you from all your sins.
Let me tell you that Lord Krishna was smiling at Arjuna before entering battle, depicting that God is no stern judge of human behavior. On contrary, God is on our side and wants us to advance towards spirituality and forgive us forever, if we make a mistake. Now this does not mean that we should wait for a sign of reassurance from God. God can enlighten us towards our path but we have to work hard to achieve it with success. Do work hard with full commitment and dedication and God Almighty will help you.

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