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Let me tell you about a phenomenon from where an intelligent and powerful person can hurt himself by hitting himself against a wall. It is EGO!!!!! It is EGO that leads us to the road to miseries, once we enter into its room. There is no turning back unless you understand yourself that is the gateway of hell for your life. It is advised that we should bow down graciously and wisely to loose this unwanted EGO. It will make our life miserable and there won’t be any space of bliss or harmony left in it.
An EGOIST mind often creates fools paradise where we loose our individuality and start leading phony life of our illusion and fantasy. We all have the knowledge of EGO but we still are EGOIST to some extent in one way or the other in our life.
If we are going to entangled ourselves in an EGO clash then we will be losers and not the other person in clash. So, it’s wise to bow down your EGO as will be saving our head to be blown out against the wall.

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