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Examination period creates lull before storm for movies

Examination period creates lull before storm for movies

The examination period has always been dull and dry period for movie releases. After the controversial JODHA AKBAR, there were no great Bollywood releases in multiplexes. There were some great Hollywod films like MICHAEL CLAYTON and THERE WILL BE BLOOD but that was too classy to digest. There was big lull in the theatres as audiences have to be satisfied with the release of JODHA AKBAR. Unfortunately historical films have not been my flavor so I am looking for something new and trendy in our films. The next week release BLACK & WHITE is a dark experimental film and it will be attracting media persons more than movie buffs. Like every year, the examination period is proving harsh on movie buffs like us. I wish there would be storm after this lull as I awaits the release of films like ONE TWO THREE, KRAZZY 4 and RACE in theatres.

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2 Responses

  1. Service_to_all says:


    Iam sure you would have also gone through the phase of student life and examination tensions. Movies tend to divert the attention, especially of the current day youngsters.

    Movie buffs will have to realise this, and not crib about the dry movie seasons. I dont know your age, but if you have sons/daughters who are atempting their board exams, you will appreciate the dry movie season.


  2. lkjhgf says:

    Ya really waiting for the hit movie after Tare Zameen Par.There were hopes for JODHA AKBAR to b hit but it didnt proved to b so.

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