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Greed takes away everything!

Greed is desire for more things
Than are required for our needs.
When it reaches the endless desire
It takes away all the pleasures of life!!!!!!!

Greed is enemy of happiness.
It spoils everything!!!!!
Man is destroyed by greed.
It leads to long and weary fights
And makes enemies
Greed is good but only to a certain extent

Greed takes away the happiness of ones life
Limiting greed gives happiness to all
Desire a thing which should satisfy your need not lust
Greed leads to lying, cheating, corruption, violence, terror and wars.
It digs its own grave
And makes the Life a HELL

Desire enough, to meet the need
Than to look for more and more
Greed has no end
But will pursues its goals forever
Stop, Think and then set the Goal
So that it should not cross the limit of your need

Unchecked desire is greed.
It takes away everything
Better check your mind and soul
Before it is too late to
Mend the loss on the way
To satisfy your GREED

Limiting greed will help you
Get the right thing at a right time
Will give you tons of happiness and joy
And to the people around you
Limit your greed and be humble at choices
Than to run after your unreasonable GREED
As it will give HAPPINESS TO ALL

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  1. madhu_vamsi says:

    Hi how are u doing friend, nice cool one but greedy is emotion and it is one of the god’s gift to humans. One need to live with it. Greedy people make others self indepedent & avoid these greedy people…

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