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How to reach to your dreams?

Dreams are made to see, but how to make them alive is a big question in everybody’s mind?

Worrying about the future and making yourself weak and ignorant about the real facts of life gives us lot of pain and fear.

Fear and worry haunt the weak and the ignorant. The best way to overcome that is through knowledge gained with sincerity and love.

We can only acquire knowledge if it is interesting for us and it is interesting if it is about something we like and love. Always strive for a better way to accomplish your dreams. Conflict, strife and suffering are often caused by wrong assumptions, prejudice and lack of awareness about the true nature of things, events, cause and effect.

The more sincere and wiser we are the better we understand others. Thus, our chances to be better understood improve day by day. And if our innermost feelings, desires and thoughts are better understood by others we have a better chance to succeed in finding help and support to make our lives better. The best way to find understanding is to express your innermost feelings through creativity.

Sincerity expressed through creativity leads to understanding. Because every act of creativity reaches deep to our most secret and sacred feelings to reveal the kid in us, the soul in all its beauty, unclogged by the banalities of live and conventions of convenience and leads us into the wonderful world of magic, beauty and adventure.

Stories unveil the mystery of how we can discover and appreciate the magic beauty of this world around us full of wonderful people, enchanted places and amazing though sometimes scary adventures.

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