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Thinking positive is not an easy emotion; one can only stay positive easily under positive environment but when things are emotionally drained they you are forced to behave differently. You have an opportunity to be the beacon of light for others around you. By your actions and responses, you can demonstrate and teach others how to behave in an appropriate and positive manner.

Positive energy comes spontaneous as negative energy. When we are stuck in a habit or pattern of behaviour and are accustomed to act in a particular manner. It takes some time and effort as well as a commitment to do something differently to create sustainable change. You must be willing to identify and stop tolerating what’s not working, do the right thing even if it’s initially unpopular.

Recognize the negative energy around you and try to find the solution to it, instead of complaining about your discomforts. Complaining will result in wasting your precious time and energy but with have no concrete results. More or so point it out gently and in a caring way by bringing it to the attention, which will help in shifting the topic of conversation. Thus, people will learn what they can and cannot discuss with you and it will stop being an issue. Try to become the kind of person who takes time and words seriously.

A few words of praise and acknowledgement can do wonders. No matter what is going on around you, you control your inner environment and how you choose to respond to external events and situations. It’s your responsibility to become the kind of person you enjoy being and with whom others enjoy being around.

So when others are negative, stretch your muscles and be positive in spite of what others do or think. It’s the only way to create a ripple of change. And if each of us does our part, then slowly but surely, we will make a difference in our life.

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